Thursday, June 9, 2011

Announcing the Coin Watcher alert system

What is Coin Watcher?

Coin Watcher is a simple alert system that sends an email and/or SMS if the Bitcoin market ever experiences a significant drop. Coin Watcher gives you peace of mind that your Bitcoin investment is safe even when you aren't watching.

What alerts does Coin Watcher send?

Coin Watcher will send an alert if the Bitcoin price drops 20% or more from the "high" price for the day. Example: Today's high price is $31.50. If the price goes below $25.20 an alert will be triggered.

There are further alerts for drops of 30%, 40%, and 50%. Alerts will typically be sent within 3-5 minutes.

How much does Coin Watcher cost?

Right now Coin Watcher costs 0.1 BTC/mo for email alerts and 0.2 BTC/mo for email and SMS alerts (major US carriers only). This small fee is to help cover the modest development cost and my time.

You seem like a cool guy, and this seems like a big weight off my shoulders for a very modest price. How do I sign up?

Send an email to with
- the email address for the alerts, and
- your phone number and carrier (for SMS alerts only)

I will send you an address for payment and once it's received you'll be added to the alert group and you're good to go.

Why did you create Coin Watcher?

I'm far from a Bitcoin millionaire, but the Bitcoins I own are very important to me. The market is volatile right now, and while it's been skyrocketing lately, there's always the risk that it heads down with a similar fury. Frankly, I found myself getting nervous after going even a few hours without checking the market. I believe in "being 100% where you are" so I'd rather not have to pull out my phone every hour to feel confident that my investment is safe. Coin Watcher solves this problem.

If you have any questions (or want to help me automate the sign-up process) email me at Thanks!